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What Our Clients are Saying

"If you want to move forward and you can’t figure out what is holding you back, you want to coach with Ari - she is amazing at tapping into that part of you that we are not always quite aware of and then supports you in deciding how you want to be in it and what you need to do to move forward."

- Shawn P., Carol Stream, IL

"I think you are incredible and I love that you see me bigger than I see myself. … You have held me up, called me forth and loved me. You taught me how to coach outside the box, shared other coaching models with me and educated me on marketing, helping me realize it's not so scary or difficult.

The whole process of coaching and mentoring has prepared me in ways my fellow coaches haven't discovered. Discovering my niche was so impactful - I didn't know how to choose, but with Ari's help I landed on a niche and was able to walk out of coaching and begin the business of coaching.

You always made me feel like I was your only client, and were always in my corner. It's been a fabulous journey which I will forever be grateful to have shared with you!"

- Lorraine W., Calgary, AB

"Coaching has been instrumental in helping me achieve some goals I have been struggling with. You helped me lose weight by challenging me and keeping me accountable. You've helped improve my relationship with my husband, and have been a fantastic mentor, giving me lots of direction for coaching groups, sticky clients and much more.

You create a very caring and safe environment where I'm comfortable sharing very personal information, but are strong enough to keep me accountable and push me to be the best I can be."

- Nicole P, Calgary, AB

"Coaching has helped me clarify my values and what is most important to me. It's helped me make and stick to goals that helped me advance my thinking about how to begin a coaching business (most specifically clarifying my niche). It helped me gain the confidence I needed to stand up for myself in my workplace and put everything into perspective.

Ari is a thoughtful, caring coach who always has her client's best interests at heart. Her life experiences bring a depth to the coaching that makes her stand out among other coaches. She clearly cares deeply about her clients and is committed to helping new coaches get off on their best foot as they begin their own coaching journey."

- Elizabeth G, Seattle, WA

"Coaching makes me feel calmer and more confident. From working on getting closer to yourself, to working with your values and honoring them - having a coach there to tell you when you are not is like a great blessing. Ari specifically helped me with my confidence in myself and this is the greatest gift one can ever give."

Stephanie B., Athens, Greece

"These sessions were like laser-focused supervisions. I came away from each with clearly actionable areas of focus. I feel my coaching has improved significantly as a result of my exam prep work.

If I could give other coaches one piece of advice, it would be to work with Coaching Tree for more than just exam prep - I partnered with them from before I attended my first workshop through my exam. I felt like I was able to get an extra layer of knowledge and competence for coaching."

- Ann Y., Minnetrista, MN

"Thank you so much; I don’t know how I would have done this without you and Ari helping out. How lucky that I saw your notice about The Coaching  Tree! My first call to you two really was the beginning of my knowing that I could do this… and that I would do it. Thanks again to both of you for all the help and support."

- Kelli R., CPCC, Quincy, MA

"Working with two coaches from Coaching Tree who had gone through the certification exam really worked wonders at reducing my gremlins and helping me trust in my coaching abilities. I highly recommend utilizing Coaching Tree if you are about to take the coaching exam so you can feel confident and assured on exam day."

- Bekka M., CPCC, San Francisco, CA

"Ari offered me fresh perspectives and insights based on what I brought up in each session. This has been very, very helpful and supportive. She also offered me very appropriate, important and timely resources through our e-mail exchange."

- Erik L., CPCC, Denmark

"It was great to have two fabulous coaches on the call allowing for feedback that was much more powerful, incisive and nuanced. It was like working with a team of people who were listening at Levels 2 and 3, and all on your side. I found the feedback very clear, very specific, and incredibly helpful. The whole experience gave me the boost I needed to approach my exam from my most powerful, competent, and confident self."

- Katie K., CPCC, Springfield, MA

"Your services were helpful on a number of levels. The information, support and feedback you both gave me allowed me to stay present and grounded. You knew what to look for in an exam candidate - I left the call feeling very confident and competent for my testing. Thank you for your support and guidance - what a service you offer to support other coaches' successes and achievements!"

- Valerie M., CPCC, Boston, MA

"I felt completely supported and held in a space that allowed me to do my best coaching. Thank you so much for the warmth. The feedback was so what I needed. It was concrete, direct, and very thorough. Afer our call I felt so confident in my abilities and that confidence carried me through the exam."

- Shannon S., CPCC, Winooski, VT

"It is amazing how circular my life has become since our coaching has begun.... one thing certainly leads to another without effort. I never would have believed that years ago when I was trying so hard and couldn't achieve what I wanted. Now the path is obvious to me without even trying to see it.

The best thing I have ever done in my life (besides my family) is hiring YOU!

Coaching has brought me results to create change in my life that was much needed. Awareness, clarity and confidence grew from our time together and you helped me bring it all together... Coaching with you has shifted my life into mindful living."

- Pam C., Zionsville, PA

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